Vacationing With Your Pet in Destin FL

Jul 18, 2014


pet friendly rentals in Destin, Florida

Most pet owners will agree that their pet is part of the family and more and more families are including them in the family vacation. Destin Fl Rentals knows how important your four legged family member is so we offer pet friendly vacation rentals. If you plan on bringing your entire family there are some things you should take into consideration before you leave your house with your pet:

Make certain your pet has identification tags with up to date information. ID tags should include: Owners name, current home address and home phone number as well as a cell phone number. Also consider adding a travel ID tag that includes your destination information.

Bring a current color photo of your pet

Bring your veterinarians contact information Research veterinarians and 24 hour emergency hospitals along the way and at your destination.

Medical records and proof of vaccinations should be brought with you

Collar, leash ,harness and crate if they are crate trained

Bed/blankets something familiar for their comfort and a sheet or blanket to cover your rental home’s furniture if your pet likes to sit with you.

Toys Pets still like play time on vacation

Food and their food and water dishes. Again familiarity is important.

Pet pick up bags as most rental properties have strict rules about picking up after your pet

Lint roller. These work great for cleaning up any hairs

Bringing your pet is a great way for everyone to enjoy vacations. Keeping them safe and healthy is important so remember necessary safeguards like sun block for your pet. Yes Destin can be very sunny and your pet can get sun burned so do not forget to apply sun block if you are planning on having them outside for any time. Do not use human sun block, ask your vet which pet sun block to use.

Destin is a very pet friendly vacation spot and there are plenty of great areas to walk your pet as well as pet friendly outdoor dining and entertainment places. So give Destin Fl Rentals a call and let us help you plan your entire family’s next vacation!

rentals with pets allowed in Destin

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